Tuesday, October 21, 2008

US Unhappiness

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In most cases when someone refers to the word "us" they are talking about the group of people they are around. In this case we are talking about "US" meaning the United States. Seth Godin, who in my mind is a mastermind when it comes to marketing and the economy at hand blogged here about how Americans never seem to be fulfilled in their lives. This want drives us to desire more and more or simply just negates our systems from ever being satisfied. To tie this all together, Cnet wrote an article here describing how Google, Facebook and Yahoo are having a difficult time selling their website changes.

The most amazing comment from the Cnet post was from someone complaining about the vertical tab bar in the new iGoogle home page:

"Google has decided to unilaterally change the layout of my page. If I can't find a hack or a Greasemonkey script to undo this, good-bye Google, hello Yahoo!"

It is wonderful to see people and their passion accumulate onto the internet but do you (mainly the new facebook hater) really think that everyone else who uses facebook, or in the above case iGoogle, feel the same way as you? Another post found on 10.21, also at Cnet mentioned some designer who had refused to upgrade his software and was still designing on software that was more then 10 years old. All of these posts prove that we panic when there is any kind of change in our lives and when there is little change we tend to want more and more. I say find great easter eggs in web site change, accept that software will change so change with it, have fun, be happy, and be flexible.