Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lost Data

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Anyone who spends any moment, maybe even just a franction of a moment in the IT world knows how very important people's data is to them.  In the education world, you could simply throw it over you shoulder and explain to the child that the back up "missed" them or something and everything would be kosher (I originally misspelled this word and "wrote cosier" which come to find out is a kind of knitted hat for your teapot to keep the tea hot when removed from the burner).  However, in the world of business if you lose even a simple file people throw temper tantrums like nothing the child from the private school has ever seen.  There exists just one exemption to the above rule which can be fixed by simply being a general backup nazi.

Complete laptop missplacement or generally whatever had a lot of data on it has been stolen or "misplaced."  This is of course an OK event as we have seen with many government officials and their stolen goods which often contain quite a few of yours and my social security numbers.  Through some good ole studies it looks like folks found out that it is mostly their own employees that cause these breaches not hackers.  This also means that the IT pros out there are not creating overly complicated security systems that do not work it can merely be chalked up to a healthy amount of stupidity.  The article can be found here and maybe if you lost some company laptop you could read it and figure out why you feel a little far from the tree.