Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Car Review

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If you love cars, much like I do there really is no substitute for hilarity, information, and informality as their is with the UK based show Top Gear. Today however, you all are going to be graced with a little review of the early 2000 based Audi TT. This post was spurred from me witnessing a very prominent, pipe smoking individual driving one.

To begin, lets take a quick look at aesthetics. On the outside the Audi looks very much like a low slung, cabriolet but enhanced with Audi's engine and 4 wheel drive technology. The small and minute lines go well with the car and the overall outward aesthetics make one think that it is a very nice car. However, this is where we need to stop. The car itself seems to be made to look (and once you wedge yourself in it unfortunately the ride and the power) are designed very much like those of a fine woman's hand bag. Sleek, sexy but nothing over the top and nothing that could or even should really make you want to own one.

On the upside they are fairly cheap, reliable and great in the snow (much like all Audi's). However, these compromises should ultimately push someone elsewhere. Perhaps into the seat of a VW Gti which happens to be a much more refined, fun and safe car. Or maybe an Alpha; the main thing is, any self respecting human should never find themselves in one unless they accept that it is a very sphelt way to transport him or her around town. But is foremost NOT a sport car. Looking back at this post and the seriousness of it I will make sure in the future to keep my car reviews to twitter.