Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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Facebook is always a heated topic in the world of web 2.0, 2.5 if you want to be super technical. Because of this, you see Facebook on the top of the ip block on the company black list. This has always been a perplexing fact because why would a company, where many people are suppose to coalesce in order to complete a random, often times useless task in a set amount of time. Why on earth would locking people out of this increase their productivity? Well seems that my almost dead cries have fell onto someone who happens to work for the BBC.

The BBC released an article that ramifies my very point. Why would you search out the very brightest people and hire them then never utilize them to their fullest? These social networks allow someone to release a question and allow the entire company to look over it and perhaps find a potentialy great. Instead of people worrying so much about what their actual employees are doing maybe they should spend that time to make the employees much more effective in the company. This idea comes accross much like these new layoffs: there are the companies that layoff people because they are scared of their money and there are companies that do not layoff their employees and use the idle to come up with new projects. So do you want to be the stagnant company that goes for the layoffs or do you want to be the radical that looks for change?