Thursday, October 16, 2008

Office for the Economy

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Microsoft office is a key dominator in the world of office suites. Everyone knows what anyone is getting on about when they refer to the term “word” and everyone has created some kind of material on it in the past years. One thing that we also know is that it is incredibly expensive, bloated, and if most haters have their ways, the new iteration and the ribbon is rubbish. Well if you hate it so much why not move to an open source, free alternative.

In walks OpenOffice. A suite that has always been free and has been hanging around for many years. As of late (Monday actually) there has never been a Mac native OpenOffice. It has always been ported over to the Mac under the name NeoOffice. Well, time to rejoice my Mac loving comrades, OpenOffice 3.0 will work spectacularly under the Mac Intel architecture. Actually, this entire post was written in OpenOffice just to see how stable it was under a simple test. It opens faster then Word 2007, it has all of the basic word, excel, powerpoint, access functions, it does not cost a single dime and is completely customizable. The world of paying for expensive suites, especially when it comes to Mac specific clients, is over. Recommend it to your friends or simply download it here.