Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Truly Great Game

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Most of us disliked the blocky, heavy, and homely design of the original xbox. Moreover, most of us simply thought it was designed to play the ridiculous and overly hyped Halo. However, in doing so you would have missed a great game known only as Fable. Eventually, it did come to the PC which is where I played it over the course of a winter break from college. I absolutely fell in love with the game, the decisions and all of the repercusions that came with them. On the 21st of this month Fable 2 was released for the much sexier, much sleeker, much more powerful xbox 360.

Fable 2, just like the game it preceeds is an absolute gem! These RPGs are from from the Japanese RPGs or the famous World of Warcraft. Fable 2 will do something that none of these games will do; it will put a huge smile on your face and keep it there throughout the emntirety of the game. There is no tedious grinding, instance running, etc which makes it a great game in it's own regard. Fable 2 extends the idea of consequences through actions and anything you do, any decision you make has a repercussion somewhere during the game. I could go on and on about the beautiful world it is, the intricate details, your dog, the fighting system, etc but what needs to happen is you need to go and play it. Sure it is not WOW but it never tries to be either. A game that you can play and smile about is rare, real rare and threrfore worth the time to go find a copy.