Thursday, November 13, 2008

40 Bones!

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Anyone who is...well anyone knows why today is so much more exciting then 2 days ago. Sure we should recognize all the veterans out there but how can we do that when the WoW expansion: Wrath of the Lich King is in a store near you? Yes, yes today marks a day when any geek, alcoholic, nerd, or casual gamer has taken the day off to explore the world of Northrend in all it's graphical gorgeousness. This game is a religion, a God, and a lifestyle to millions of people out there which is actually quite a scary topic. People have lost wives, jobs, countless hours of sleep, and a ton of money to play WoW. Blizzard has truly made a market that is filled with drooling lore giblets, afixed to glowing computer screens waiting for their next fix.

So if for some reason you have a lot of missing employees today then take the time out of your cushy exec job and give them a call on their cells. They will have no idea who is calling so they will probably pick up the phone thinking it is a guild member or some friend talking about cool new loot. Little will he know his excited voice will automattically negate the idea that he is sick. Give it a whirl folks, ciao. Oh and btw, if you do not remember I peaced out on Azeroth last month due to downsizing on hours at one of my jobs. If this had not happened I guarentee I would be right there along these folks and calling this day as vacation.