Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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As you all probably do not know because you never take the time to check out newer and cooler things, the Mac has a new WebKIT browser.  Well when I say new, I mean more like a couple weeks old.  Having used Cruz since the day it came out, I am prepared to say that it easily bests the likes of Safari (Safari is also built on WebKIT).  Having never really been a fan of Safari, besting it is a relatively simple task.  What I will say is that it is FAST, not as noticeably fast as Firefox 3.1 beta but it is right up there.  It also has a very nice black theme to break up the brushed aluminum look of Leopard, as well as the ability to have three different sessions running in the same window.

When I say sessions I mean you can surf three different sites in the same "box" without having to rely on tabs (which it also does include).  This is a GREAT ability since I can run my gmail in one box, surf in another, and still do LogMeIn sessions in another.  Along with that, you get a thumbnail plugin that allows you to see a coverflow view of, say Digg news articles.  The thumbnail plugin is not as useful but it is still a great idea and will give other folks a launch platform for other plugins (As of now plugins are not used in Safari).  As a side note, Cruz also allows the user to make tiny url's right in the browser which is super cool to me but may be useless to most.  All in all, Cruz is fairly light and sexy, two things that a web browser definitely needs (it even has a kickin icon).  Go and try it here everyone.