Friday, November 7, 2008

Back on Track

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Getting away from he forced amount of blogging per month has completely refreshed my mind and will allow me to focus more on information for the scant amount of readers who thumb through this blog. During the short amount of down time a ton of blogging researched was read and previewed and a whole lot of ridiculousness ensued. Apparently most "pro bloggers" (actually I still can not comprehend this idea, guess it makes me not up for the position) actually take a span of 3 hours to complete 1 blog post.

This is completely nuts since it seems like most of the posts on many people's blogs are often times merely several lines long. If it takes most people 3 hours to write something that can be regurgitated in 45 seconds then there might not be too much hope for us. However, looking back at many posts on this blog, many of them take as much as 1 1/2 hours and as little as 5 minutes. These statistics, again seem to ramify my likelihood of NOT being a pro blogger. But no matter, each post will be tailored to a specific the illiterate.

Well being a lover of all things fruit, it appears that Apple and At$t are up for allowing the iPhone folks to tether. You can tether the phone to small animals, cars, even laptops if you so fancy. Anyway, tethering usually allows you to share an internet connection (in this case 3g) with a laptop or desktop. This is handy when you are in an airport and do not want to pay for wireless or out in the middle of no where and you need some computer access. Many At@t smart phones already allow this option but with a higher monthly price. Bring on the tethering and bring on free tethering and bring it on soon. Thanks all.


Andrea said...

you are an atrocious speller. luckily, you are in the majority.