Monday, November 17, 2008


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If anyone has ever had some kind of interest in Architecture or interior design then you probably have looked at Google Sketchup. Sketchup has always been a free for both Windows and Mac (no idea why they have been lagging on the linux version for so long) and has given aspiring 3d artists or just folks who like to a play, a good opertunity to. Monday marks a great day for you people who have been waiting for Google to update their Sketchup platform. Sketchup 7 looks very familiar to its younger brother but probably has quite a few little easter eggs in it. One obvious improvement is its speed which, on a mid 2008 Macbook Pro used to lag like a three legged dog. 7 seems to start up fine and keep on plugging away without any seemingly obvious memory leaks.

Hopefully soon I will be able to play with it and write up a propper review however, for now it will be let lose upon an Architect firm to see how t
hey like it. Hopeful opinions will be here shortly.