Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Tkubed Branding

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Hello all, I have been talking to some of the avid readers and trolls about the confusion of the blog title. Tkubed is actually pronounced (tee.cubed) much like you pronounce what holds up a golf ball along with multiplying one number by itself three times. This stands for a Trapped Techno Tnerd and originates actually from someone's nick name. The original nick name was 10 foot Tall Techno Todd and was given to a man who really did seem like he was 10 feet tall (and he really loved techno as well). The name actually refers to someone who could be considered normal or even awesome and who works within the realm of technology. Feel free to go a head and use it in any conversation and change it at will. However, this blog will always cater to the people who are awesome and still love something that makes you oh so not awesome like technology. So keep it real out there folks and keep on reading.


Andrea said...

you used the word 'actually' three times in this post. the word 'awesome', too.