Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dell Mini 9/12 Wuv

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Well folks seems like Dell has released some great case designs by Tristan Easton for their new netbook crowd. I looked at the Mini 9 on T.Kubed a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with it immediately (besides the weird bar that dell threw into Ubuntu). Linux based netbooks (and you CAN do the Windows with the Mini 9 and the 12) are not really for the consumer, "I want my computer to work when I want it to" crowd but they run really well, they manage the solid state hard drives better then windows, and have a lot of different flavors you can pick through. The designs on the laptops do cost an extra 50 bones and there are only 5 of them for now but they are super cool and will hold you out in the crowd. I have been personally waiting off on the whole netbook thing but this little buddy is definitely on my wish list for the Christmas season. You don't like it, tell me why folks. Caio.