Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wisteria Wednesday

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For everyone who does not know what "wisteria" is it is a pale violet color that is reminiscent of the plant (and its color) it is named after. In addition, the hex code for this is supposedly #C9A0DC and was introduced into the Crayola coloring box in 1993.

We all dislike getting up around 5 a.m on Black Friday so that is why you are definitely here and looking for some solid deals today. Starting out HP is offering huge deals on all of their laptops either through deals on ram and solid state drives or through percentages off the entire systems. Tiger Direct has great deals on some Acer laptops (almost 100 dollars off from the Aspire One). Perhaps you are looking for a Desktop, an external hard drive or a great Samsung monitor then stop off at and look at their plethora of deals. All of these deals usually last until around Friday where, Apple is supposed to release some mean Black Friday deals on their website as well as in Best Buy stores.

Perhaps the best deal out there is the inception of a new, and potentially awesome Nintendo DS. It appears that Friday will mark the appearance of two new DS packs. One will be sky blue with a custom carrying case and brain age, the second will be an amazing Mario Red with the M stamp in the shell (along with the new mario game). By far the Mario DS is going to go like hotcakes and will definitely be on my travel wish list for the Christmas season. Hope some of these deals help cull people from sitting out in the bitter cold and waiting to punch a coked out soccer mom in the boobs for that last Mario DS (unfortunatly you get to since these are only available in store). Good luck all, ciao.