Thursday, November 13, 2008

Storm's A Commin'

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The blackberry storm has been on the mind of smart phone folks ever since we were titillated with the idea of a touch screen phone (ala iPhone) that actually gave tactile feedback like a traditional QWERTY keyboard. Well the phone is finally here and it will be sold through Verizon (Nov 21) with their very sexy 3g network for 159.99 with a two year contract. Verizon may have one of the best 3g networks out there (in the US) and has some fairly competative overall service. With a price that is 50 bones off that of an 8gig iPhone and a screen that actually might work, this might be a serious contender.

The bad though folks: It is only got 1gig of built in memory (it has an sd expension slot but who wants to deal with cards anyway) and it is on the verizon network (verizon loves to software cripple their phones and has been doing it wildly for years) only for now. Also. blackberry is notorious for building very cheaply built handsets that love to break into piece when instantly hitting a solid object or burning up when entering any little puddle. Lets all hope that RIM has got their act together and fixed all their niggling issues. Well any competition is good competition and lets hope RIM can pull it off. Koodoes, ciao