Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prego Drunks

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Yep, this sure is not the first place to say it but I definitely want it here saying that it IS OK to consume alcohol at a sane amount during pregnancy. A study out of the UK (the pro drinkers out there) proved that women who have several drinks a week are much more stable and able to interact with their children when they are born better then those who abstain or binge drink. This is definitely a genius survey and it should even lighten the emotional load that occurs when women are flooded with loads of hormones through pregnancy. Does this mean they will refrain from being vehemently distraught towards everyone around them? Probably not, but they will probably be much more relaxed, be able to make much more thought out decisions. And it seems that women seem to be able to handle child birth and child rearing in much more orderly form after a pregnancy where consumption was taken at a minimum. Thumbs up? Maybe gals, but one survey is one survey and I would take the drinking easy while you have a bun in the oven. Be safe, be seen.