Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Redesigns, Microsoft and Dominoes

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Well all, it has happened. This blog has gone through quite a few little changes over the past 4 months. Many have been good and some have been downright awful but, this is a definite when it comes to the new look and feel. It is very simple yet allows you all (not really sure who you all really are) to easily see past content as well as comment and subscribe via rss. All these features are key and I am uber glad to be able to bring them to you tonight, very late tonight.

Speaking of other changes to design, tomorrow marks the largest change to the Xbox 360 content section. Microsoft is getting rid of the old "blade" concept in favor of something a little more colorful, spaced out and avatar-rific. Now some folks who have their hands on the update are giving mixed reviews about the avatar system (think nintendo mii's). The avatar should be a great improvement over the simple gamertag and should allow people who have multiple player accounts to easily manage them instead of the old log out and in fashion. Unfortunatly, as the previous Wow post signifies I am a little strapped for cash these days (saving for the big day) and am actually going to build myself a nice and long cat 5 cable to run from our upstairs router since the wireless adapter is quite expensive. In addition, if you run over here you can see that Microsoft is starting up their engines by reducing their flash Zune team's price tags (I loved my flash Zune and they are definitely a great device if you run Windows only...but who reading this REALLY does that anymore). The Zune is a great piece of hardware but MSFT needs to get off their rears and simply opening the device up instead of requiring software.

The grande finale of this post is going to be something that will make us twice as lazy and therefore twice as fat as we already are. It appears that some folks stumbled upon a new widget built into our favorite drool box recorder the TiVo. It appears that you know will be able to actually record television and order Domino's pizza at the same time. I am definitely on the line between cool and extremely useless with this one but as an upside I do not actually own a TiVo. What do you guys (and gals) think about the idea of ordering your favorite italian or maybe even asian food over your set top box? Also feel free to hate on or love on the new design. Ciao.