Thursday, November 13, 2008

Records Set, People Tooted

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This is definitely some kind of record for this blog blown completely out of the water with four posts in one day. It is definitely going to be much more of a quickie then the other short posts (weird downtime at the office throughout the day). As we all know from the declining markets, except for their late Thursday rally that the folks at GM are in some serious amount of hurt. They however allowed Jeremy Clarkson to hoon around in a new Vette while Chrysler, the noobs forced Hammond to pony up and buy a Challenger instead of borrowing it for Top Gear's trip from San Fransisco to the Bonneville salt flats. Anyhoo, you can buy your very own Save GM shirt, created by the folks at Jalopnik at their cafe press shop. I personally am giving a strong thought at the one to the right. What do you all think? Oh right, you SHOULD by one because if you do you are saving the economy.