Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Rant

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What year is it folks? Last time I checked it was almost banging on a new decade. Not to seem mean but if you have a computer that you bought in say 2002 (especially a laptop), yeah go a head and throw it away. Treat yourself to a new and shineyer netbook or just save some money and pick up a very nice macbook. You probably do not know it but that old, slow, molasses running clunker is doing two really bad things to your life.

1) It is sucking a lot of energy and unlike the laptops and desktops of today it does not care how much it sucks, it just keeps on going and going and so does your electric bill.

2) It decreases productivity by slowing down what you do during the day. It also breaks frequently and requires you to pay someone who charges 100+ dollars an hour to fix it.

What I am trying to get across to you folks is, pack it up, sell it or simply be a good citizen and recycle your old and bogged down computer. You, of course could throw a version of Linux on the slow juice drinker like puppy Linux or my favorite being OpenGeu. If you do not want to use the Linux desktop then by all means go out and buy yourself a new computer. Quit hanging on to stuff you know slows your life down, aight? Peace. Sorry for the rant all but it is getting rediculous.