Thursday, November 6, 2008


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Everyone was definitely on the iPhone 2.1 software update like jackals on other smaller jackals. However, it seemed to have delivered, with my phone at least, a whole heap of Apple app crashy crashy. As rumors build of version 2.2 we are finally starting to see some interesting stuff that Apple is cramming into the little amaz-o-phone. For example, it appears through these pictures that we are going to be able to download podcasts on the fly over the 3g and wireless networks. This is a phenominal step towards a complete multimedia experience and should excite a lot of you people. I do fall into the folks that listen to music on my iPhone but most of the time I listen to podcasts or netcasts only. With this update, none of us have to be away from a great podcast again. Wired caught a little of the story here.